Why Choose Us?

1.     Same Day, Home Delivery Service 

We offer same day delivery and service, seven days a week. We understand how important it is for our patients to receive their equipment in a timely manner.


2.     Simplified Referral Process for new orders and fast discharges

When you need your equipment, you need it. Rehab Technologies has the capabilities to work seamlessly with your physician, insurance carrier, and discharge planner to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to your home.


3.     Face-to-Face encounter and product education

We will personally deliver your equipment to your home, provide expert training, and answer any questions you may have.


4.     Personalized Support

You get personalized support from your local Director of Patient Services, seven days a week


5.     In-home training and on-site support for healthcare clinicians

Our Process

  1. Discharge Planning
  2. Patient released from physician or hospital
  3. Personal delivery of equipment in home
  4. Training and education on use of equipment